Bad Boy Charge Skipping Rope

Bad Boy Charge Skipping Rope

This hard wearing skipping rope with weighted alloy handles from Bad Boy is ideal for improving for general fitness, as well as toning your legs and upper body. Ideal for boxers, MMA athletes and any other athlete hoping to improve their cardiovascular fitness.

Your cardiovascular system involves your arteries and veins that bring blood and oxygen to and from the heart and the rest of the body. By improving the ability of this system to work, you will increase the efficiency of feeding your muscles the oxygen they need to work, and therefore maximise your performance in training and competitions.

Whist strength conditioning is also important for serious athletes; it has been found that simple exercises such as using a skipping rope can help develop muscle efficiency and tone particularly in the thigh and lower leg muscles. With ten minutes of skipping burning up to 100 calories and being equivalent to running an eight minute mile.

This traditional style rope has been manufactured by Bad Boy using only the finest raw materials. The rope is weightier than plastic or rubber alternatives, providing a much better aerodynamic swing, whilst the alloy handles provide a substantial grip and won't erode or break.