Bad Boy Foot Grips

Bad Boy Foot Grips

Stay balanced, stay focused. The Bad Boy Foot Grips are engineered to enhance your fighting experience through superior stability and optimal grip.

Designed with 3D structure sole, the Bad Boy Foot Grips improve your ground bearing for immediate and efficient results on your fighting abilities. More secure on every move, you feel more confident on each attack and defence phase, from striking positions to ground transitions.

Displaying the core benefits of ankle supports, they feature neoprene fabric that mould anatomically your ankle and your instep. This protects you from minor injuries on skin and joints, accelerates your muscular warm up and brings support during recovering (post trauma) cycles.

Ultra versatile and suitable for most of Martial Arts and Combat Sports practice, they feature easy slip on design for a fast and perfect fit on your foot articulation.


  • Embossed 3D sole to improve your ground bearing and reduce the risk of slipping
  • Neoprene fabric for a moulded coverage bringing protective and compressive benefits
  • Smooth interior lining for a comfortable sensation on skin
  • Easy slip on/off design