Bad Boy Initiate Karate Gi

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Bad Boy Initiate Karate Gi

The Bad Boy Initiate Judo Gi is made with a lightweight poly-cotton blend to offer natural range of motion and long-lasting durability.

Lightweight and flexible.

Built with an ultra-light 6.5oz (185 grams) weight, the Bad Boy Initiate Karate Gi favours mobility and striking.

Its extreme flexibility facilitates the learning of Karate techniques, from Kumite to Kata.

Its poly-cotton blend construction eases the sweat evacuation while maintaining size and colour of your Karate Gi.

Traditional style perfectioned by Bad Boy.

This Bad Boy Karate Gi features a light and regular cut reinforced on strategic areas.

It benefits from embroidered logos and patches with Martial Art name to ensure a stylised look in the Dojo.

The Karate Gi comes with a Karate white belt for a ready-to-fight outfit.