Bad Boy Initiate Taekwondo Dobok

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Bad Boy Initiate Taekwondo Dobok

Built with a poly-cotton blend, the Bad Boy Initiate Taekwondo Dobok offers a lightweight mobility and an improved sweat management for a perfect combination of performance and comfort.


Extreme flexibility and comfort.

Built with a lightweight 6.5oz (185 grams) construction, this Bad Boy Taekwondo Dobok allows a total freedom of movement.

The jacket benefits from an elastic strap to keep it perfectly in maintain and avoid any annoyance.

The pants are designed with a wide crotch for an extended range of motion.

Its poly-cotton blend enhances the fabric breathability for superior comfort, even when intensity rises.


Traditional style perfectioned by Bad Boy.

This Bad Boy Taekwondo Dobok features a classic cut raised by embroidered Bad Boy logos and patches with Martial Art name to ensure a stylised look on the mats.

The Taekwondo Dobok comes with a Taekwondo white belt for a ready-to-fight outfit.