Bad Boy Kao Loy Muay Thai Shorts Blue


Bad Boy Kao Loy Muay Thai Shorts

The Bad Boy Kao Loy Muay Thai Shorts honour one of the most sudden and brutal Thai Boxing Technique into a shiny and tough polyester fibre

Kao Loy - เข่าลอย in Thai language meaning “flying knee” - is one of the several knee strikes among the Thai Fighter arsenal. It is performed by jumping suddenly without run-up to strike directly the opponent with the knee, aiming for the head.

Illustrating this grand gesture, those Bad Boy Muay Thai Shorts feature a premium silky-smooth fabric to showcase vivid colours and stylized embroideries.

Their lateral splits and their light weight construction allow a natural range of motion for a total freedom on the ring.

Built with a classic Thai cut and a wide elastic waistband, they stay perfectly in place and deliver ultimate comfort.



  • 100% ultra-resistant polyester
  • Lightweight anatomical cut for a total freedom of movement
  • Lateral spits to improve your flexibility
  • Wide elastic waistband with inner drawstring for a perfect and secure fit on each move
  • Bad Boy Muay Thai logos embroidered