Bad Boy Lifting Straps

Bad Boy Lifting Straps

Any kind of weightlifting or training routine may lead to weight related injuries and mishaps. The Bad Boy Lifting Straps prevent cut-short workouts with better grip. If you reach a point you think you would have to let go of the weight, the cotton lifting strap gives the much needed help supporting the weight.

It protects your wrist against strain or sprains while the grip with dowel in the end offers unparalleled grip.

The lifting strap is high-quality training aids, made from highly resistant nylon fabric with added neoprene padding. Go for 100% and never put down the weights you intended to lift, the Bad Boy Cotton Lifting Straps is the strength for your wrists and soul.


  • Bad Boy logo and professional finish
  • Highly resistant nylon fabric
  • Added neoprene padding for extra comfort
  • One size fits all