Bad Boy Practice Punching Bag 180cm

Bad Boy Practice Punching Bag

Ultra-durable, the Bad Boy Practice Punching Bag provides the ultimate strength and conditioning workout for Boxing and MMA needs.

Handmade in Thailand with a tear resistant Poly Canvas coated fabric, this Heavy Bag is armed to resist to most heavy kicks and punches, time after time.

This Bad Boy Punching Bag is fiber filled – with new textile snips - and includes chains for hanging, making it an effective and versatile equipment for your training.



  • High durable and reinforced canvas coated cotton (bisonyl) of 800 grams/meter
  • 4 loops, which can be connected with a chain, making it possible to hang the bag from a ceiling
  • Reinforced seams to expel tearing out
  • Filled with new textile snips (not used) to enhance shock absorption
  • Sizes: 180cm x Ø 35cm ± 44kg
  • 1-year warranty
  • Hand-made in Thailand
  • Delivered with a chain and packed in strong and transparent plastic bag