Bad Boy Pro Series 3.0 Boxing Gloves Black Grey Silver

Bad Boy Pro Series 3.0 Boxing Gloves

The Bad Boy Pro Series Boxing Gloves range is especially designed to fulfil the professional Boxing practitioners providing you with the tools to perform your best in training and competition.

Made with a premium grade engineered leather, the Bad Boy Pro Series 3.0 Boxing Gloves benefit from an anatomical shape dedicated to intensive Boxing workouts. By locking your wrist/fist joint in optimal position, the Bad Boy Pro Series 3.0 Boxing Gloves help you delivering an enhanced energy transfer during the strike while also minimizing injury risk.

As premium training gloves, they feature multi-layered and compressed EVA foam padding to protect perfectly your hands, from the impact zones to the shockwave. Relieved from stress damages on your hands, you are able to upgrade your quality-quantity training ratio for superior Boxing performances during the fight.

Endowed with sweat wicking properties, the soft inner lining limits the proliferation of unpleasant odours and bacteria extending the lifespan of your Boxing equipment.


  • Premium grade engineered leather for lasting durability
  • Multi-layer compressed foam forms to your hand for a customized protection
  • Ventilated moisture wicking lining keeps hands cool and dry
  • Mesh panel placed under the fist for optimal thermal regulation
  • Wraparound elastic Velcro wrist closure for easy on/off
  • Bad Boy Pro Series logo on strap
  • Available in blue or green trim.