Bad Boy Retro Gi White

Bad Boy Retro BJJ Gi - Limited Edition

The Bad Boy Retro BJJ Gi honors a decade of memorable BJJ brawls through a vintage limited-edition design and a premium Pearl Weave fabric.


Living Legend.

The Bad Boy Retro BJJ Gi bears the vintage Bad Boy logo, worn by some of the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt athletes in 90’s as Rickson Gracie, Wallid Ismail or Vitor Belfort.

An iconic logo that saw devastating chokes, armbar or hook and now resuscitates on the mats.


Unceasing mobility.

The Bad Boy Retro BJJ Gi features a lightweight 450gsm Jacket and 8oz Rip Stop pants to allow a full range of motion and a natural flexibility while you are practising.

The collar has been reinforced by Eva gum to make your opponents’ grip more difficult and improve its durability.


Timeless comfort.

This Bad Boy BJJ Gi is made with an ultra-durable Pearl Weave cotton fabric to improve comfort.

It benefits from an inner mesh lining that eases the sweat evacuation, keeping you dry and comfortable.

Pre-shrunk and anatomically designed, it will maintain its optimal fit washing after washing.


Size guide: